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May 20, 2015. Mini Marathon 2015

Attention all Mini Marathon participants, have you come in to see what we can offer?

Mini Marathon


Mini Marathon time is fast approaching and we at Great Outdoors applaud all the participants and praise you for getting up and GOing out and taking part. Although it’s not marathon distance, every mile and every step will bring you closer to your own personal goals, and that’s a good thing.

Whether you are participating for a charity run, running for somebody else or just doing it for yourself, we are here to give tips and advice on preparation, participation and perspiration and most importantly, we are here to kit you out in such a way as to make the run an enjoyable one.

We have top notch running gear from some really great brands made of the best quality, tried and tested fabrics to ensure that on the day, you run the race and nothing holds you back.

Ronhill Womens Aspiration Short Sleeve TeeRonhill Women's Trail Cargo tankAspiration Twin Short

Take for instance the technical fabrics used by Ronhill all designed to fit snugly yet stretch soundly, reducing friction while you run but also helping your skin breathe and preventing you over-heating when you run.

If friction is a problem, we also supply Run Guard which is an anti-chafing balm and a product called Nip Guards, well you can guess what that does.

Bodyglide anti Chafing balmRun Guard Anti Chafing Balm to reduce friction when runningGet less nipple chafing with Nip Guards

Ronhill is not the only brand of top quality running clothing that we do. Our range of Helly Hansen running attire is also eye-catching yet performs very well. With a combination of breathability and stretch, their range of Lifa clothing performs superbly as base layers or with a more densely kitted top fabric, as great run wear performing well regardless or the level of running you’re doing.

Columbia have also made great strides with their fabrics and their Coolest Cool range uses their Omni Freeze fabric, one of the best wicking fabrics out there. This fabric is also used in their Zero Rules range which has a more casual fit and is equally useful in the outdoors in general.

Helly Hansen Lifa Support tank with built in braHelly Hansen Am Lux running pants for womenOmni Freeze clothing from Columbia Sportswear

Other things to consider in the run up to the race is your footwear, specifically your shoes. If you are at worried about your size or the best fit for you, call into our bootfitting experts and we’ll happily measure you up and make sure you start your race on the best foot.

We have running shoes from Saucony, Helly Hansen, Merrell, Salomon and The North Face to suit your race-day and all the training days prior to it.

Merrell footwear for running and hikingSaucony running shoesRunning shoes for women from the North Face

And as ever, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference so keep an eye out for our headbands, wrist wallets, caps and bottles.

And always remember to prepare well and run your own race, it’s nobody else’s to run.

Get set, go!

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