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7 Ski Tips for Families

7 Ski Tips for Families

If you’ve booked your family ski trip, make sure that Great Outdoors is your first port of call to kit out the whole family. Here are some tips from our experts on what you need for a successful family ski holiday.

  • Make a list! One for each person: Mum, Dad and each child. Tick off the items as you buy them and use that same individual list to pack the bags. Don’t risk forgetting the middle child’s long-johns or Dad’s ski goggles!
  • Buy sun cream! Get just as much as you would expect to need on a sun holiday. Not only is the sun shining down on you from up above, but it’s also reflecting up from the snow too. Make sure the cream is applied to under your chin and plenty on the nose too—you’ll thank us in the end.
  • We cannot stress the importance of ski helmets enough! You wouldn’t let your kids out on their bikes without one; likewise, they shouldn’t go skiing without one either. The snow might be soft, but there’s plenty of hazardous things around that can cause some real damage. We have helmets to suit all sizes and all budgets, so there’s no excuse to not get one.
  • Eye protection is very important—goggles for when you’re skiing and glasses for when you’re walking around. The goggles protect your eyes for the UV rays and the actual snow. Sunglasses are also important for general walking around to protect from the UV, which is more damaging at higher altitudes.
  • When you’re not skiing, it’s also important to have good, comfortable footwear to keep your feet warm and dry when walking around the town or ski resort. If you have comfortable and waterproof hiking boots, they can work with extra warm socks. We also stock footwear specifically for walking in the snow from brands like Sorel, Merrell and Olang with nice cosy insulation and good tread patterns for snow and slush.
  • When you’re picking your ski jackets and pants, go for colour. It makes it easier to spot your kids and partner more easily on the slope, especially handy when rounding them all up for lunch or dinner.
  • Layers and accessories that cover you up as much as possible are very important. We cannot stress enough how much colder you can be on the ski lift than you are on the slope, especially when you are above the tree line. Gloves, glove liners, neck gaiters and helmet balaclavas are all indispensable for those chills you get on the way back up the slope.

Bonus: Here’s a quick list of the most important bits of kit.

  • Baselayers
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Glove glue (to stop the kids from losing them. Also works on Dads.)
  • Goggle cover to prevent the goggles from being scratched. They typically come with one, but they can be bought separately if you’ve lost yours.
  • Put an ID tag or luggage tag with the kids’ lift passes in case they get lost or separated (also works on dads)
  • Sun cream and lip balm, often forgotten but very important.

Call into the shop, where our team of experts will help find your family’s perfect gear, or shop online now.

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