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8 Gear Facts You May Not Have Known.

Mountain Hardwear Tent in the Great Outdoors

From Footwear to Equipment, Here are 8 Facts You May Not Have Known.

We all know that we need appropriate footwear and equipment on our adventures, but sometimes we brush over the small things! So we’ve gathered a few facts you may not have known when purchasing your outdoor gear.


  • Insoles with arch support aren’t meant to be worn every day! They train the arch in your foot but If you use them all the time, your foot will actually get weaker.
  • Leather doesn’t equate to waterproof, water can find its way into stitches and seams. A waterproof shoe is made waterproof by the liner behind the outer shoe. That’s why a shoe with a mesh outer can still keep your foot dry when you step in a puddle!
  • The shoe that suits your mate might not suit you. Everyone’s feet are different shapes and similarly, different shoes are also made to suit various feet. Need some help finding the perfect shoe for your food shape? Pop into our store for some expert advice!
  • Support comes from the sole of the shoe, not the ankle. That piece of cloth around your ankle won’t support your weight. Support comes from how the shoe cradles your heel. If your heel can’t rock, your ankle can’t rock.


  • Don’t fold or roll your sleeping bag (yes, really). Stuffing your sleeping bag prevents repetitive creases which, over time, will cause the fabric to become clumped and will create cold spots.
  • Stop the (white) lights. After you shine a white light, your eyes can take up to 1 hour to revert and fully adjust to the dark again. What’s the solution? a red light torch! As the evenings are darker, this light will allow you to keep your night vision. It may not be as bright as white light, but it’s much more efficient for those dark adventures.
  • Even if the sun doesn’t shine through the clouds, you still need sun protectant! Did you know that different types of clothing offer different levels of sun protection? A shirt in a block colour usually comes with inbuilt SPF 50, but when you add colours and dies to the fabric, that effects the repellency. A plaid shirt, for example, might only be SPF 30 because of all the dye that has to go into it! Check out our range of sun protecting clothing here.
  • Ever have trouble getting on a wetsuit when its wet or damp? Put on some Body Glide, they’ll slide right in! Bonus: Don’t use Vaseline or petroleum-based lubricant, it degrades the glue in the wetsuit and voids your warranty.

For more top tips and advice, come into our George’s Street store!

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