Everest Base Camp Gear List

Before diving into the detailed packing list for your Everest Base Camp trek, it’s essential to equip yourself with the right gear to ensure a safe, comfortable, and successful journey. Partnering with leading expedition experts like Jason Black, Earth’s Edge, and Stride Ireland, Great Outdoors offers top-notch equipment and advice tailored for your adventure needs.

Packing List for Everest Base Camp Trek

Base Layers

  • Merino Wool Underwear (2-3 pairs): Avoids the smell associated with long treks.
  • Lightweight Long Leg Base Layer (1x): Keeps you warm without the bulk.
  • Long Sleeve Base Layers (2x): Merino wool for odor resistance.
  • Short Sleeve Synthetic Shirts or T-shirts (2x): Ideal for lower parts of the trail.

Mid Layers

Windproof/Rain Layers

Insulation Layers


  • Warm Hat (1x): Synthetic or wool to retain heat.
  • Baseball Cap or Sun Hat (1x): Protects from the sun.
  • Buff (2x): Versatile protection for neck and face against sun and wind.



  • Lightweight Base Layer Gloves (1x): For cool mornings.
  • Heavier Gloves (1x): Necessary for cold and windy conditions.


Sleeping Equipment

  • Sleeping Bag (rated to at least -4°F): Ensures warmth during cold nights. We recommend the Snugpak Softie Expansion 5
  • Pillow Case: To cover pillows provided at tea houses.
  • Earplugs: A must for light sleepers.

Trekking Gear

Travel Items

  • Large Duffel Bags with Locks (120L): Used by porters to transport your gear.
  • Travel Clothes (2 sets): For use back in Kathmandu.
  • Currency Exchange in Kathmandu: For SIM cards and local purchases.

Other Equipment

Optional Electronics

  • Books, iPad or Kindle: For entertainment during downtime.


Equipping yourself properly for an Everest Base Camp trek is crucial to your experience and safety. For further advice, or to purchase any necessary items, visit Great Outdoors. For expert training and conditioning before your trek, consult with Stride Ireland, and lastly - connect with our expedition partners at Jason Black and Earth's Edge for professional guidance and support on the biggest and best outdoor expeditions.

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