5 Reasons You Need A Day Hiking Bag

What is a day hiking bag?

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A day hiking bag is a backpack designed for hiking that generally has a capacity of 15 to 25 L. Quite often, these backpacks have high-quality back systems on them to correctly distributes the weight you are carrying across your back to eliminate any discomfort you would experience on long hikes! Many-day hiking bags have many different pockets and features like a rain cover that make them particularly good for outdoor activities! One of our favourite day hike backpacks is the Osprey Stratos and Sirrus.


Why do you need one?

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We can think of five key reasons why everyone should have a day hiking bag!  here they are!

1. Versatile

Alongside good walking footwear, a day hiking bag is one of the most versatile things you could get in an outdoor shop!  Thanks to its size you can use a day hike backpack for a multitude of different things. Commuting in and out of work, picking up a few items in the supermarket, going to school or college ( especially on wet days) and as hand luggage for your holidays. These are all uses for day hiking backpacks in addition to of course going on day hikes!

2. Comfortable  

All good day hiking bags are designed with advanced weight distribution harnesses. This is so that you can hike carrying one for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort! Some backpacks like the Osprey Stratos and Sirrus even have Airscape technology which keeps the backpack off your back allowing for the circulation of air which will reduce the chances of you getting a sweaty back!

3. Everyday Use

Whether you live an active outdoor lifestyle or not a good hiking backpack can be used in your everyday life!

4. Durable 

Hiking backpacks are built to last! As hiking backpacks are made to withstand challenging outdoor conditions, intensive use, and heavy loads, most of them are built incredibly durable!  

This means that even if they were to cost more than a traditional backpack, the cost per use is much better on a hiking backpack as it will last much longer!

5. Enough space to ensure you have enough kit

When it comes to the recommended used for day hiking backpacks (day hikes!)  it is of vital importance that you have enough space to carry the essentials that you might need for your hike! 

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