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Columbia Ski Essentials

Your Perfect Columbia Ski Essentials
Whether you’re a professional skier or it’s your first time to hit the slopes, have a look at our Columbia ski essentials to prepare you for the cold.

Ski Pants and Ski-Jacket
Let’s start with the obvious: a good pair of ski pants and jacket. Keep wet out and warmth in the Wild Card Down Jacket, keep the kids cosy and warm in the Bugaboo II Pant or gear up for a full day on the slopes with the Powder Keg III Pant.

It goes without saying that there’s nothing worse than damp clothes, and between all the snow and sweat, this is sure to put a dampener (yes, we said it) on your trip. That said, the ideal gear should be waterproof, insulated and breathable. Certain jackets, like the Veloca Vixen Jacket, also include a ski pass holder, so there’s no fiddling when trying to get on the ski lift.

Nothing can ruin your ski holiday quite like an inferior set of gloves. Pick these up on the cheap and before you know it, you won’t be able to feel your hands. We suggest that even if this is your first trip to the slopes, you should invest in a pair of high-quality gloves for ultimate warmth and protection. You’ll get even more use out of these bad boys, which can be used on your bicycle when you return home.

We know a helmet is necessary for protection, but let’s not forget the importance of keeping your head and your ears toasty too. You’ll appreciate a simple hat once you’re sitting on the ski lift in anticipation, or headed out for a dinner in the resort. We have a wide range of Columbia hats to choose from for women, men and even some animal-themed options for kids!

When bracing for the cold, it’s essential to layer up for ultimate warmth. Fleece is perfect due to it being light yet effective. Just as versatile as the Columbia gloves, a good fleece will stretch beyond your yearly ski adventure and will come in handy year-out!

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