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Apr 16, 2015. Eagle Creek Travel Gear

Check out our new range of travel luggage and gear from Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Travel Accessories and Luggage

"The Eagle Creek Difference: Luggage & Travel Accessories Built to Last"


As a company, Eagle Creek has always been inspired by a love for travel and a passion for creating products that enhance the way that you experience the world.  

Since designing their first travel backpack nearly 40 years ago, they've been committed to crafting durable, lightweight luggage and travel accessories that are meticulously designed, rigorously road-tested and built to stand up to even the toughest conditions.  

Maybe that's why some say Eagle Creek pioneered the adventure travel gear category.


Browse on-line or call in and #GOexplore the full range in-store.

Wheeled Luggage and travel bags

Eagle Creek Tandem WarriorEagle Creek No Matter What Flat BedEagle Creek Load Warrior

Eagle Creek No Matter What Duffel

Eagle Creek No matter What Small DuffelEagle Creek No Matter What MEdium DuffelEagle Creek No Matter What Large Duffel

Eagle Creek Pack It Travel Accessory range

Eagle Creek Pack It Clean Dirty Accessory rangeEagle Creek Pack It Specter Compression RangeTube Cube Travel Accessories from Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Garment folders to insure your clothes arrive neatly

Eagle Creek Garment folderEagle Creek Spectre Garment FolderGarment Sleeve from Eagle Creek

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