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Gaeltacht Gear List

wind surfing

Shane who used to work in Great Outdoors called in for a visit and told us that he is going to be spending his summer at Coláiste UISCE in Belmullet. The lucky thing! This got us talking and sharing our Gaeltacht memories. I went to Colaiste UISCE twice and loved it- especially marcaíocht toinne agus clársheoltóireacht (surfing and windsurfing). I also remember it being wild and windy over in Cuan Eilí so I made a quick gear list of what to pack for the Gaeltacht.

1. Lots of kids had proper neoprene booties while I had to make do with soggy old runners. If I could go back in time, I would have begged my mam for some reef booties. These protect your feet from rocks, give a bit of warmth and are less clumsy than waterlogged runners.

surf shoes
2. I don’t remember there being a siopa around, and you want to keep hydrated with all the activities so a pro tip would be to bring a water bottle get the Bean An Tí to fill it up with Robinsons every morning…

chug wa

3. Distinctive memory of Bellmullet: Windy. Pack a fleece.


4. Save valuable space in your mála and travel light with a quick drying micro towel.
micro fibre towel

5. Make getting changed and drying off a bit easier with a cosy toweling robe. Could also be used as a cookie monster costume for fancy dress céilí?

6.If memory serves right, there was no watersports on Sundays and if your parents didn’t come up to spring you, something like a Frisbee could offer hours of fun!


We’d love to go back to the Gaeltacht. What are your favorite Gaeltacht memories and is there anything you would add to our #GaeltachtGearList? Tell us on Twitter.

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