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Graham’s Review: The Palm Impact Spraydeck

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  • Tuesday 30th April, 2019
  • By Kyle

Our Ambassador Graham Connor took a few bits of our Kayak kit on his recent trip to New Zealand. This is what he had to say about the Palm Impact Spraydeck.

After 24hrs of travel, the Kaituna (or Tuna to the locals) was the first stop and one of the New Zealand classics. I was stoked to go out boating with the new gear, which I had picked up from the Great Outdoors. The Palm Impact spray deck was put through its paces, the moment my boat hit the water and I was impressed with the results.

Tutea Falls, Kaituna River, NZ

The deck waist (M/L) had a comforting snugness to it, with the waist tapering in at the top (which Palm have named the O-ring) to keep it where you want it. The spraydeck is nicely fitted even for someone like me and in my mother’s words: ‘’There’s more meat on a butchers apron’’.

I was paddling a Waka Tuna 2 at the time and the connection to the cockpit was ideal (Deck size 5). The bungee cord around the deck gives you that extra grip but getting the spraydeck on or off the boat (I like to refer to as the ‘’spray deck hustle’’) is still relatively easy. The tightness means there is no sagging, so there are no pockets of water collecting on top of the spraydeck. This helps to keep you and the inside of your boat dryer and makes your paddling adventures more physically comfortable.

Photo by Jessica Flinter (Christmas on the Kaituna)

I’ve paddled drops ranging from 5ft up to 50ft, flood runs, wide open rivers to tight technical runs, river surfing you name it, always pushing the gear to its max potential. With all this under my belt, I have full confidence in the Palm Impact spraydeck. I knew it would remain on my boat and help keep me waterless when tackling harder, more challenging sections of whitewater and all in a comfortable and stylish way.


You can find the Palm Impact Spraydeck here.

Grahams Instagram is here.

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