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Graham’s Review:Palm Equipment Surge Jacket

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  • Thursday 4th July, 2019
  • By Paul

I had the pleasure of testing out the new Palm Surge Kag while exploring New Zealand’s amazing whitewater, boy, are those Kiwis spoilt for choice!

From the get-go I knew I was onto a winner. The Surge was super comfortable, had a lovely fit, was bone dry and, although heavier than the Palm Velocity cag, still perfectly light. The velcro cuffs and neck protectors are great, they both protect the latex seals and prevent any water from entering the cag, guaranteeing a dry and cosy paddling adventure.

Palm Equipment Surge Jacket

I used the Surge drytop in a variety of weather conditions from warm sunny days to cold windy days to rainy and humid ones. I found, with the right under layers, that it helped regulate my body temperature no matter what the weather threw at me on the day.
Along with everything mentioned above the colour combo caught my eye straight away, as I’ve always been one for bright colours.

I was very lucky to meet amazing boaters from all around the world and to have the opportunity to paddle some world class, adrenaline fuelled whitewater and waterfalls. As it was summer time while I was New Zealand, my drytop was my go-to piece of outer layering. Its light, comfortable and brilliantly dry structure allowed me to enjoy my days on the water even more, no matter what type of boating I was part taking in.

With the slow but sure return of the warmer weather in Ireland, the Surge cag is the perfect summer edition to your paddling equipment, whether it’s for summertime freestyle sessions, after work sea excursions or the sneaky trip to Wales with the crew.

It has everything you need and want from a cag: stylish, bright, and effectively dry.

Written by our brand ambassador, Graham Connor.

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