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How To Fit A Back Pack | Free Sizing and Fitting Service

How do I fit a back pack? Choosing the right back pack and fitting it correctly might seem like a monumental task, but our free sizing and fitting service makes the whole thing simple so you can focus on getting out on your adventure.

Women tend to have shorter torsos and most brands make women specific packs to suit this. Teenagers and men with short torso should also consider these which are. Lowe Alpine’s ND and Deuter’s SL range are examples of these. Many packs also come with adjustable back length so you can get the perfect fit. Once you’ve chosen your pack, it is time to get it on and sitting properly.

Fake it. Put some weights in the pack to mimic how it would feel when fully loaded for your trip.

Start with loosened straps. Using the grab handle, hoist the pack on to your back. Sit the hip strap on the hips- make sure the cushioned part is on the hip bones. This positioning is very important as the hips should carry 70% of the weight. Tighten the hip belt and make sure the back strap is on the lower back.

Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down and backwards but don’t over tighten them as this will take the weight away from your hips and put pressure on your shoulders. Next, is to adjust the chest strap. Don’t over tighten this, their role is mainly to prevent the shoulder straps from slipping.

Bigger packs might have load adjusters/lifters on the shoulders for extra stability. Tighten these to a 45° angle.

Once you are happy with how the straps are adjusted, tighten the compression straps to keep everything in your pack in place and keep the weight as close to your back.

Remember how your pack looks when you have adjusted it to your preference- as you will be loosening straps when hoisting the pack on and off. You might also want to loosen straps for short periods during your walk to avoid load fatigue and relieve pressure. It is a trial and error process figuring out what suits best but over time you will get used to adjusting it perfectly.

Still unsure on how to fit a back pack? Our friendly team have years of experience, tonnes of advice and can help you find the perfect pack and fit.

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