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International Day of Yoga

Under Armour Yoga

June 21st is International Day of Yoga. Yoga is known for its benefits for the mind and body. There are a number of different schools of yoga to suit you. If you are a beginner, read on for some tips.

Find a class that suits you. There are many different schools of yoga and each instructor and studio is different. Your best friend might love one class and you might not feel it. Don’t feel bad about Shopping around and finding what works for you-  be it Bikram, Inversions, or starting off with YouTube tutorials.

Picture this, you are rushing to yoga practice after work, you arrive a little flushed. Then you cool down a bit while you are waiting for the class to begin… The point is you are going to you heat up working through poses and then cool down at Shavasana. To stay comfortable and focused, bring layers that are easy to take on and off.

Beginners often make the mistake of thinking that yoga is easy. It is relaxing and less intensive than 5k you are still engaging a whole loads of muscles. Make sure to hydrate before your class and especially during if you are doing Hot Yoga.

Although most yoga studios have spare mats, it is nice to come with your own so you’re not wondering who’s feet were on this mat when you’re in Child’s Pose. Look for a mat that has good grip, you do not want to be sliding around during Downward Facing Dog. You also want a mat that is cushioned enough so you are comfortable but that is not so thick that it is awkward to roll. Bonus if it comes with a carry strap.

You want to be comfortable during yoga, not adjusting strap or cursing annoying seams. While you might think that loose and flowy clothes are the best, this might not be the case. Instructors prefer you to wear more form fitting clothes so that they can see your form and help correct your posture. Fitted clothing are also more likely to stay put during flow sequences.

Silent Mode
Don’t be that person who forgets to turn their phone on silent – vibration off too . Yoga is a time to focus on breathing and what your body can do. Switching off for one hour will make a difference to your practice and probably your stress levels.

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