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Jason Black Film and Talk: K2 The Stone In My Shoe

  • Athletes
  • Thursday 8th November, 2018
  • By Kyle


Great Outdoors, Chatham Street


Wednesday, November 21st @ 7:00pm

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Who is Jason Black?

Jason Black is an endurance athlete and adventurer from Donegal. He’s climbed 5 of the 7 Summits– Aconcagua, Denali, Everest, Elbrus, and Kilimanjaro. This summer he set his sights on a more difficult challenge than any of those peaks: K2, the Savage Mountain. This year, on the 22nd of July, Jason became the 2nd man from the Republic of Ireland to summit K2.

What is K2?

At 8611 metres tall, K2 is the worlds second highest mountain. At only 200 metres shorter than Everest, K2 is easily much more dangerous. For only 320 summits, the mountain has claimed over 70 lives.

The summit can be climbed from both the Chinese side of the mountain or the Pakistani side, but it is almost always climbed from the later. The route that is usually climbed is the easiest way, but far from easy. Climbers face technical climbing at insane altitudes, rapid shifts in weather, huge avalanche risk, and long periods of dangerous exposure. The intensity of the mountain and its fatality rate have given it the moniker in alpinist communities as “The Savage Mountain”.

Jason Black has had a history with K2. In the 2008 disaster Ger McDonnell, the first Irishman to summit the mountain, died attempting to save other climbers during their descent. Jason made his first attempt in 2015 attempting to be the second Irishman to the top, and was forced off the mountain by adverse weather. He referred to the peak as “the stone in my shoe” following the attempt.

Jason returned this year, to leave a memorial to Ger at the mountain, and stake his claim to being the second Irishman on the summit. He returned this August with yet another big mountain under his belt, and a film to make about the adventure.

Why should you attend?

Anyone interested in mountaineering, climbing, or endurance sports will learn a thing or two from Jason. He’ll give an introduction to the journey before the film, and there will be time after to ask any burning questions you might have.

Tickets for the talk are €10.00 each, with proceeds being donated to the Irish Red Cross.

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