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John O’Regan Travel Gear Tips

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  • Thursday 2nd April, 2020
  • By Paul
John O Regan

“Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battuta.

During my podcast interview with Earth’s Edge, I recalled a memory from 2006.  I had bought a 90L North Face Duffle Bag for a trip to Antarctica as listed on the kit list and this was to be its maiden voyage.

After arriving on the frozen continent, all the luggage was loaded onto a transportation vehicle with caterpillar tracks to be transferred to the camp at Patriot Hills.  My bag became dislodged and got caught in the caterpillar tracks which resulted in a tear of bout 20-30mm.  Instead of being annoyed I looked at this as a battle scar and a memory of this once in a lifetime trip.  To me this was a conversation starter and the beginning of a story.  Unfortunately when I sent that bag for repair it ended up being replaced but that’s another story.

Since then I have been to many incredible places and always make sure to think ahead whenever I’m putting my kit together.  That duffle bag has been one of my best ever investments and it has since travelled around the world.

It was an investment as well as a purchase.  As I became a more frequent traveller I started to put more thought into my kit selection and when looking at certain items I ask myself, when will I get to use this again?

As an example, if you are someone that spends your weekends out on the hills then it makes sense to have the best ‘fit for purpose’ footwear you can afford.  A good rain coat is another important consideration when you think about the amount of rain we experience.  A lot of what you will buy and use is down to personal choice but always try to think ahead and the more extreme your destination then the more sure you need to be about what’s in your pack.  You can’t buy your way out of a kit related problem halfway into a trek to Everest Basecamp.  If you are unsure then talk to other more experienced travellers and your local instore experts.  Some destinations will require specialised items but there are a few travel essentials that will make your travels a bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

John O Regan Inca Marathon

With the restrictions for air travel with weight and carry on allowance there are a few items that I would suggest having as your essential essentials.

  1. Travel Luggage Scales.  This can help you avoid any excess baggage charges as you can check the weight of your luggage and spread out the load if required.
  2. Zipper Lock. For security reasons I always prefer to lock my bag by using a lock with the zippers.  Always go for a combination lock as you are less likely to lose a code than a key.
  3. World Travel Adapter. This is a must have for obvious reasons.  Having a worldwide adapter means you always have the right one.
  4. RFID Wallet. I have one of these specifically for travelling as you can never be to security conscious.
  5. Document Wallet. This allows you to keep your travel documents together and it’s a definite place to keep your passport when in between trips.

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