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Kenya Tri-Adventure Webinar

Free Webinar with Earth’s Edge all about participating in their upcoming Kenya Tri-Adventure Challenge

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For all you people who can’t make it in store but want to attend a talk we finally have a solution!

Where? On your very own desktop, tablet or mobile phone!
When? Wednesday, March 30th @7:00pm sharp
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Kenya Tri-Adventure 
The Kenya Tri-Adventure expedition is a challenge of a lifetime covering more than 200km in seven days. The expedition includes five days of trekking to Mt Kenya (4985m), two days of biking and one day of exhilarating rafting on the Tana River.
Each day on the route offers something different and every day is a challenge in its own right. Kenya is most recognised for being home to Africa’s famous “Big Five” (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo) but most people don’t realise that Kenya also offers some of the best adventure sport in the world.
Kenya is a country of tremendous diversity; landscapes vary from glaciated mountains with snow-capped peaks, to dense forest to flat desert plains. Along this journey you will learn about Kenyan culture by chatting with our local guides; Kenyan’s say that “You will arrive as a visitor and leave as a friend”!
To see the full itinerary click here.
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