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Learn How To Move


Runners, learn how to move again with Primal 3.

Free Info Talk

Where? Great Outdoors, Chatham St, Dublin 2.

When? Wednesday, April 8th @ 7pm

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“PRIMAL3 is a unique partnership of coaches (Barry Murray, Rene Borg, Jason Kehoe) who bring you practical information from the best sources in the world. The workshops provide cutting-edge information on how to optimise your endurance performance and health through nutrition, lifestyle and functional movement.


Sports people who require endurance for their events. Runners, cyclists, team sports, long distance hikers and anyone whose event last longer than an hour. Those looking to become fat burning endurance athletes and not have to rely on sugar and carbs to get through training. Those looking to reverse the effects of a modern office lifestyle.

Set in the stunning surrounds of Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, PRIMAL3, is launching a series of workshops in 2015 for Endurance athletes covering, Lifestyle, Movement, Nutrition.

We take the best of all our gained knowledge and filter it down into two packed days to make you a better endurance athlete.

Are you training too long, too short, too hard or too easy? Eliminate the guesswork from your training using the tried and tested principles of Lydiard, Cerruty, and the father of Ultra running, Arthur Newton among others. Learn how to apply the 80/20 rule to your training and how an endurance training plan should be created.

The elite endurance community are always ten years ahead of the research and we take our research in the field pretty seriously. Learn how to teach your body to be a clean, fat burning machine using renowned nutritionist and ultra runner Barry Murray’s own nutrition protocols. Barry has been working with the elite endurance community for 6 years, from professional cyclists to elite ultra runners. He has become an expert in fat adaptation by optimising efficiency and economy using nutrition strategies that are still relatively misunderstood. He delves deep into the practice and how it can used in training and race day.

You’ve probably been told that running is bad for your knees and joints. We beg to differ, running BADLY is bad for your knees and joints! Learn how to quickly tap into the three principles of good running technique: Posture, Rhythm, Relaxation. For over four years now our coaches have been working with athletes professionally from all over Europe to eliminate common injuries and take their students jogging shuffle and transform it into an athletic looking and efficient stride.

Learn how to move again. We should not be one dimensional athletes. Specialisation in an event such as Running / Swimming/ Cycling etc. comes at a price, learn how to reduce the pitfalls that these sports and a modern office lifestyle can have on your body. You will learn about joint exploration, how to eliminate ‘stretching’ from your training and how to reclaim the ability to move and recover like never before. You will learn how to heal the body faster than ever before through movement. We have learned from the best movement teachers in the world, such as ‘Ido Portal’ the ‘MovNat’ system and many other great teachers, to bring you this knowledge.

We will take any questions you have at the end of the talk.”


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