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Make It To Your Destination

  • Athletes
  • Wednesday 2nd November, 2016
  • By Paul
Your Destination Antarctica

Between all of the races that he’s competed in and other events that he has taken part in, our sponsored athlete, John O’Regan, has amassed many wise tips for many different things but his list of travel essentials is a very finely tuned thing indeed.

Afterall, despite your best race preparations, if your bags aren’t packed correctly, you might never make it to your destination never mind the start line.
Read on for John’s insights and world wisdom.

“Over the past 30 years I’ve travelled the world a few times over.  I’ve visited every continent at least once and crossed the equator I don’t know how many times.  I’ve raced and trekked in all environments from arctic to desert and included some of the most impressive mountain ranges on the planet from the Himalaya in Asia to the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica.  Along the way I’ve learned quite a lot and the biggest lesson is that you can’t always buy your way out of a problem and sometimes it’s the small attention to detail in your packing that can make the biggest of differences.  You can’t put a price on comfort or on the confidence you need to venture into some of the planet’s wildest places.  Knowing your gear won’t let you down can make all the difference. If failing to prepare is preparing to fail, then not packing smart can scupper your chances to reach your destination in comfort, and likewise, hinder your chances to compete at your best.”
“Let’s start by focussing on some of the small items that I would call my travel essentials.”

Travel Adaptor:  Know where you are going and don’t expect to be able to pick one of these up as you travel.  Be prepared!
Tip:  Pack a double adaptor to allow you charge 2 items at once.  Keep this in your carry on.”

Waterproof Bags / Pouches:  These vary in size from small enough for your phone to big enough to line the inside of your pack.
Tip: I prefer a few small bags of different sizes.  Very useful for storing valuables and electrics.  I’d wrap breakables in clothes.”

Travel Scales:  It’s very easy these days to get caught out when it’s too late at the airport.  This item can pay for itself after one journey and I’m reminded of a time when I was returning from Kathmandu only to discover at the airport that my allowance leaving Kathmandu was less than my allowance coming in.  The excess charges came at a time when I couldn’t really afford them.
Tip: Keep in your carry on so it’s easily accessible.  IF you have connecting flight you need to know the allowed weight on each airline as it’s not always the same.”

Pack Towel:  Not all accommodation will supply you with a towel and if you are going trekking then you need something lightweight and functional.  A pack towel is small, light and very functional as well as quick drying.
Tip:  Very handy to have in a gym bag.”

First Aid Kit Make sure this is relevant to your journey as your requirements may differ depending on the activity and destination.
Tip: If going somewhere that hygienic equipment might be hard to find then you need the Sterile Kit from Lifesystems.  The items in this kit are for use by a professional so you hand them to a qualified Doctor or nurse.  You can’t put a price on peace of mind.”

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs:  Turn day into night when trying to take a nap or sleep somewhere noisy.  Having been caught out a few times I’m never without these items and they can be very handy when trying to sleep while travelling.
Tip:  Clean your earplugs regularly with soapy water by simply holding them while washing your hands.”

Power Bank / Charger:  Very useful for charging your phone or other electrical items.
Tip: If travelling somewhere with good sunshine or you plan on being away from civilisation then consider a solar charger.  I use a solar charger by Powertraveller and also the Powermonkey Discovery.”

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