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Mosquito Proof Clothing for Warm Weather Journeys

Every year, we at Great Outdoors have droves of customers heading off somewhere tropical for their holidays. We all know nothing ruins a holiday like mosquito bites. From Naples to Nepal warm weather brings mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes come out the unhealthy, stinky, sticky, repellent comes out too.

What if we told you there was another way?

Craghoppers pioneered the world’s first insect repellent fabric, NosiLife. Designed for mosquito wary travellers, NosiLife is stylish and practical clothing for hot weather expeditions.

Proven to reduce bites by up to 90%, NosiLife is permanently woven into the fabric. It creates a barrier to insects, protecting you in a completely safe non-toxic way. In Ireland insects can be a hindrance, but abroad they can be hazardous. NosiLife gives you a bit more piece of mind when traveling through regions at risk for malaria, dengue, or zika.

As a travel piece, NosiLife is indispensable. Craghoppers have included tonnes of features in their clothing outside of insect repellent. They have pockets galore, and even some hidden pockets and RFID proof pockets for stashing valuables like credit cards and passports. Some items come with detachable dry bags, for phones and gear you don’t want to get wet.

Craghoppers have thought of things we didn’t think we needed until we saw them! A lot of their shirts include hidden cleaning cloths and hanging loops for your sunglasses.

Here at Great Outdoors, John Guy, one of our floor managers hates DEET and loves NosiLife. “Nothing ruins your day faster than mosquitoes” so he would gladly wear NosiLife and skip the insect repellent. John says that when he wears his, his hiking mates have noticed a benefit too because the shirt creates a repellent aura.

The range of clothing is diverse and fashionable. There is something for everybody from dresses to button up shirts.

Hot Weather Performance

Craghoppers gives you tonnes of relief in hot weather. The NosiLife stretch fabric adds to your range of motion, keeping you comfortable when active. Their clothes are all lightweight and quick to dry too. Even when wet they offer UPF 50+ protection against UV light. The shirts have a double collar that gives extra protection when popped. The fabric wicks moisture off your skin which keeps you cool when it’s hot, and extra vents help you breathe when you need to.

When you aren’t off on safari or tramping through humid jungles, Nosilife is still handy. Glendalough is notorious for its midges and mosquitoes. Carol in our clothing department recommends NosiLife to anyone going out in Ireland, especially around lakes where insects are plentiful.

Where to start?

Start at the bottom and work your way up! Nosilife socks keep away the ankle biters. The NosiLife Pro Pants (women’s or men’s) are a great option for keeping cool and comfortable, and include an RFID blocking pocket for your valuables. For men and women, the Adventure Shirt is oh-so-practical, full of features, and still manages to look cool. Carol recommends the Kiwi Long Sleeve Shirt for ladies, “because its stylish enough to wear out at night!” The men’s Adventure Jacket is a definite winner too. It has plenty of ventilation and cooling properties plus loads of hidden pockets. We counted 9 pockets total, but more keep turning up every time we look!

Whatever the adventure, in warm weather Craghoppers NosiLife should be your go-to gear. You can’t beat built in insect repellent.  Get in to Great Outdoors to see our huge range in store or shop online. Check it out today!

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