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How to Pack Like Pro | Packing Hacks

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Does anyone actually enjoy packing? Probably not but you can make the whole thing go a little smoother and make sure you don’t end up at your destination without the essentials with our packing tips.

How many days you are going for? What activities will you be doing?  Check the weather. It takes two seconds and will save yourself from making an emergency trip to the shops for more weather appropriate clothing. Keep everything organised in your suitcase or backpack with packing cubes. Use them to keep whole outfits together, separate between clean and dirty clothes or keep all your tech bits organised. No more dumping the contents of your bag out on the airport floor when you’re looking for that one thing at the bottom of your bag.

Most people tend to over pack and come home with clothes they didn’t wear. Once you think you’re finished, consider removing some items- you probably won’t miss them anyway. Or pack less and bring travel sized detergent and wash your clothes by hand.

Save yourself a lot of hassle and don’t run the risk of your phone dying. Pack a travel adaptor so you’re able to recharge as soon as you check in. If you’re travelling off the beaten track, a pre-charged power bank could be a good option.

Packing shoes and grossed out by the idea of them touching your clothes? Use one of those free shower caps that you stole from the hotel last summer and put your shoes in that. Ziplock lunch bags are a lifesaver if something has leaked in your suitcase. Get them from Ikea or grab a handful every time you go through airport security and keep them in your suitcase. Rather than bringing full sized bottles, decant your potions and lotions into travel friendly bottles. This saves space and eliminates the risk of having to dump toiletries at security.

Airport security is tightening and your bag might be randomly searched. If traveling to America and have locked your bag, the TSA might cut your lock which is annoying, and leaves your suitcase vulnerable. With TSA safe lock, they can open your suitcase without snapping the lock.

When you’re travelling you are more vulnerable to petty crime and you don’t want to be abroad and locked out of your ATM. A RFID secure wallet can save you from being skimmed. Many travelers like to conceal passports and money in discreet wallets and belts that can be comfortably worn under clothing.

Of course you’ll want to put all of these in a sturdy but lightweight suitcase. Look for suitcases with expansion zips, lock friendly zips and wheels that run smoothly. We have a range of great luggage options whether you’re checking in or cabin baggage only.

When you come back and are unpacking notice what you didn’t wear and didn’t use. Make a note *not* to pack these the next time and each time you’ll be more efficient and on your way to being a packing pro.

What are your packing tips?

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