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Why Your Shoes Don’t Fit

You won’t believe how many people walk around each day wearing the wrong size shoes. I know what you’re thinking–I’ve been the same size since I was a teenager, I don’t buy the wrong size shoes! But maybe you do. Not all shoes are created equal, which leads so many people into buying a size that looks right but is, in reality, a bad fit for their feet.

This is precisely why we have a large and knowledgeable footwear department in-store. Our staff members take the time to talk to each customer about their wants and needs, size each foot, and send them out the door with a pair of shoes that are comfortable and fit just right.

So if you haven’t had your feet sized in a while, you might want to double-check your shoes. Here are six reasons why your shoes might not fit like they used to.

1. Feet change over time

They swell, your arch becomes less pronounced, you gain or lose weight changing the pressure you put on your foot. The shoe size you were 3 years ago may not be the shoes size you are now.

2. Your feet are almost definitely different sizes

Its true for everyone. Most people have one foot longer than the other so when you try on shoes, don’t be lazy! Get both of your feet measured, and buy a shoe that accommodates the bigger foot. It’s much better to have one shoe that’s a slight bit large than a shoe that’s a slight bit small!

3. Your shoes might be too small for you

Our footwear staff see this a lot. Are your toes at the front of the shoe? This means a shoe is too small. Walking on flat ground all day you may not notice, but when you start to walk downhill your weight shifts forward. Your toes then shift forward, and if the shoe is too small your toes will feel cramped and rub at the front of the shoe. That is not a blister you want to have!

A good rule to follow is to get at least a fingers width of space in front of your toes. This allows you enough room to flex forward in the shoe.

4. Your shoes might be too narrow for you

Flatten your hand out on the table and splay your fingers out naturally. Now imagine these are your long toe bones. This is how they feel most comfortable and how they sit when you are barefoot. Now use your other hand to squeeze your pointer finger and pinky finger inward. It doesn’t feel as nice right? Now imagine walking 10 kilometres like that, (not on your hands, on feet that are clenched together!)

This is what narrow shoes do to your feet. If you remove the insole of your shoe and stand on it, your feet should not hang over the edges (this includes bunions). If they do, it’s a good indication your shoes are too narrow!

5. Your laces aren’t tied properly

When you tighten your laces, you want them done snuggly. You’ve gone through all the trouble of getting a good fit for your shoe, why wouldn’t you properly secure your foot to it? Loose laces can leave your foot to shift around on the base of the shoe, which means you won’t benefit from the support they give you, and you definitely are putting yourself at risk for rubbing and blisters.

6. You might be wearing the wrong kind of shoe

Have you ever gone for a long walk on a flat trail and come home with the balls of your feet throbbing? You probably had a sole unit that was too stiff for that style of walk. The opposite can happen if you’re off trail in loose, boggy, or “scrambly” terrain with a pair of trainers. It’s important to have a pair of shoes that suits the adventure you are on. More on how to pick the proper shoe here.

7. Sizes are not a catch all

Although the size marked on a shoebox will give you a good indication of the length of a shoe, the width of the heel and forefoot are never marked on the box. Every brand does something slightly different with their fits, so it’s important to not get set on any particular shoe for looks or features, because the most important thing to find is something comfortable.


Not so sure about your shoe size? Swing in to our Dublin city centre shop and have one of our footwear experts have a look for you.

We can find a shoe that fits the shape of your foot, along with the purpose you need the shoe for- be it a light trek shoe, or a heavy duty hiking boot. We’re also experts at using accessories and inserts (like Superfeet) to make sure that whichever shoe you buy, it’s tailored exactly to purpose. Our new Feetbox from Sidas can even help us measure the arch of your foot along with with the length and width.


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