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Combining the compactibility of a 3-section Z-Pole with the adjustability of FlickLock Pro, the Distance FLZ is an excellent choice for long hikes, steep approaches and stream crossings—or for supporting your tarp shelter.

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  • Description
    • • Lightweight EVA foam grip and breathable, moisture-wicking strap
    • • Non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension
    • • Three-section foldable shaft with speed cone deployment and FlickLock adjustability
    • • Aluminum construction
    • • Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips, carbine Tech Tips and stow bag
    • • Stopper basket with shaft catcher to secure folded sections
  • Reviews

    2 reviews

    Ryan • 24/07/2018
    "I feel weird walking without them."

    A great lightweight pole for someone looking for an ultra portable walking pole. Its not for everyone and the lack of adjustment compared to a normal trekking pole is noticeable. If ultra portability and fast performance are essential these are fantastic poles. They were my first walking poles and I feel strange hiking without them.

    JuJu Jay • 29/05/2017
    "I love these poles"

    I've had those poles over a year now and just hadn't got the chance to give them a good test until my 75k ultra Transvulcania race in La Palma.
    They are light aluminium with three foldable sections. The design allows for fast flick lock adjustable while running and in one downward pull it is easy and all ready to use. There's no messing about!!
    They are easy to fold back while running.
    They've got Interchangeable non-scarring rubber tips that stick great on very technical rocky tracks dry or wet giving you a speedy deploy on and off the rocks and work great in the mud.
    They also help you in depth of deeper bog holes.
    The handles have super light EVA foam which is very breathable with its moisture non-slip wicking grip which is very comfortable for hours while running or hiking.
    These poles are great! And I never thought I'd say that about poles.
    As I like to run / jump around the mountains running free with just a camera in my hand but WOW the poles for racing on longer routes are great, you don't even know you’re really using them! I've not testing the carbon ones yet but am sure they are just as good.
    * Super light and easy to pack away to your running vest / hiking bag while on the move.
    * The pole design deploys quickly for use and the design also eliminates the need for adjustment.
    * Poles can help you on longer runs when legs are tried.
    Between the La Palma rocks, sand and roots and hard terrain I really abused them and beat them up good but they are still working like the first day I got them.
    And I thought I had busted one pole between a couple rocks while descending a steep rocky track as the pole got left behind as ripped out of my hand! I wasn't using the hand straps which the poles have. Turned out the pole was good.
    * My only negative is that you have to lube them after every use or the AL will oxidise.
    They come with wrist straps which I don't like using them while running downhill just in case I go too fast.
    I am 6 foot 2" tall and happy with 120 cm set on my poles but you can also set them from 120-140cm. Where I think with the carbons you can't set them at all. Perfect length for the downhill.

    Tip: after every use wipe them down.

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