The plug-in Mosqui-Go Duo is a simple liquid mosquito killer from Go Travel that gets to work the moment you slot it into the plug socket.

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  • Description

    Enjoy a good night's sleep with this plug-in mosquito repellent.

    Suitable for use in most European countries as well as Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Turkey, once plugged into a mains socket it releases a bite preventing vapour to stop bugs in their tracks.

    Offering up to 37 nights' protection (12 hours/night), once empty it can be re-filled using Go Travel's 'Mosqui-Go' liquid mosquito killer, or repellent tablets.

  • Specifications

    Dual function, able to use tablets or liquid.

    HSE approved (7590)  

    Electrical rating 220 - 240V ~ 7W

    Electric mosquito killer

    For use with 2-pin European plug sockets

    37 Nights' protection (12 hours/night)

    Refill using liquid bottle or tablets

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  • Expert Advice

    PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from children and animals. Indoor use only. Read full instructions before use. Contains prallethrin 1.17% w/w

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