Icebreaker - LED Lenser

Icebreaker started in New Zealand in 1994 and has grown steadily throughout the world ever since. This luxurious and much sought after clothing brand was conceived and designed with a philosophy of sustainability; using natural fibres, and maintaining strict environmental and social ethics. Paying close attention to animal welfare, they provide natural, technical, outdoor products as an alternative to synthetic clothing.
In 1993, twin brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka struck out on their own and founded Ledlenser in their garage in Germany. With all the passion and courage of two young, newly-minted entrepreneurs, they managed without finance, and ended up selling more than 200 million Euros' worth of LED flashlights in the first five years. Their V8 became an international design classic and one of the the top-selling LED flashlights in the world. Now a company of more than 1000 employees, three manufacturing bases and a range of some of the world's highest-quality LED flashlights, they remain driven by light.

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