LED Lenser MH4 Rechargeable LED Head Torch



The LED Lenser MH4 Rechargeable LED Head Torch is an excellent compact head torch for all types of activities at night or just for tinkering about under bonnets or in attics.

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  • Description

    The LED Lenser MH4 is a rechargeable headlamp with adjustable focus. It has a primary white LED plus a low light red LED. The MH4 runs on one 14500 rechargeable battery. The included rechargeable battery charges inside the headlamp using a magnetic charging cable. In a pinch, the MH4 can also run on a AA battery, although, performance isn't as good with the AA.

    •Output: 400 or 20 lumens
    •Battery Type: 14500 rechargeable (1), included; or AA (1)
    •Run Time: 4 to 35 hours
    •Feature: primary white plus secondary red LED; adjustable focus

    What’s included: LED Lenser MH4 headlamp, rechargeable battery, charging cable (adapter plugs not included)

    Features of LED Lenser MH4 USB Rechargeable Headlamp with Adjustable Focus:
    • Advanced Focus System™
        ▹ adjustable focus (twist front bezel)
    • 2 brightness levels
        ☼ High – 400 lumens,4 hour runtime, 180m beam range
        ☼ Low – 20 lumens, 35 hour runtime, 40m beam range
    • maximum beam range of 590 feet (180 meters)
    • water resistant to IP54 standard
    • electronic switch
        ▹ press for high white
        ▹ press again within 2 seconds for low white
        ▹ after 5 seconds, the next press turns the headlamp off
        ▹ for red, from off, press & hold switch for 3 seconds
        ▹ if red was used last (before selecting off), headlamp turns on in red)
    • powered by one 14500 Li-ion rechargeable battery (included)
        ▹ also runs on one AA battery
    • headlamp flashes 4 times to indicate low power
    • charge included battery using included magnet charging cable (adapter plugs not included)
        ▹ battery recharges in approximately 1.5 hours
    • charging status indicator
        ▹ steady red – charging
        ▹ green – charging is complete

  • Specifications


    Battery#:     14500 3.7V 750mAh (included); or AA
    Dimensions:     2.75″ long x 1.3″ tall x 1.75″ deep
    Lamp Type:     white and red LEDs
    Light Output:     400 or 20 lumens
    Weight w/batteries:     4 ounces
    Run Time:     4 to 35 hours
    Charging Time:     1.5 hours
    Focus Type:     Adjustable Focus
    On/Off:     Pushbutton
    Material:     Polymer

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