No matter how far away from civilization you are, the Led Lenser ML6 has you covered. State-of-the-art lens technology ensures optimal light distribution with maximum energy efficiency.

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  • Description

    Glare-free illumination of your surroundings makes it easy to pick the perfect spot for the light. Its hook, removable stand and magnet mean that all possibilities are covered. The ML6 can also be used as a power bank to recharge other electronic devices. Now there’s nothing to stop you from creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere, wherever you are. Boasting up to 750 lumens white light on the boost setting, the ML6 is the first lantern ever produced by Ledlenser and it doesn't disappoint. As well as three white brightness outputs the ML6 also offers a four white flashing modes as well as a red output and four red flashing modes.The red light is good for preserving natural night vision, map reading and animal watching amongst other uses. It is powered by a single 18650 lithium-ion battery which is installed by unscrewing the base of the lantern and inserted positive end first before fully tightening the base back up.

    The battery is then charged up inside the torch via the micro USB port on the side of the torch that is concealed by a rubber dust cover marked with 'IN'. Plug the supplied micro USB cable into the torch at one end and then connect the USB end to a USB 3.0 source or a mains/car adaptor with an output of at least 1 A. The charging light under the button will go red to show charging is in progress and turn green once charging is complete.

    The button on the top of the lantern controls all the functions of the lantern. To turn the ML6 on hold the central button for 1 second and the light will come on in the white mode. If you continue to press the central button within 5 seconds it will change to red, then white blink, then red blink and then cycle back to white. To turn the light off press and hold the central button for 1 second.

    When in the constant white or red light setting hold down either the + or - button to gradually increase or decrease the brightness and the lantern will blink when it reaches highest output at 100% or the lowest output at 10% so you know when you gone the furthest you can. When on the flashing white or red setting the + and - buttons will cycle through the four modes of blink, strobe, SOS and breathe. The last used setting will be remembered the next time the torch is turned on.

    The white boost output is accessed by quick pressing the + button twice within 5 seconds and lasts for 1 minute before returning to the previous output. Instant access to low is achieved by quick pressing the - button twice within 5 seconds.

    To prevent accidentally activation the ML6 has a lockout function that is activated and deactivated by holding down both the + and - buttons simultaneously for 1 second until the red light flashes 3 times. An LED battery indicator is built under the switch and will show green, yellow or red when the torch is turned on to indicate the battery level status.

    The memory function remembers the last setting used next time you turn the lantern on for convenient use. Opposite the micro USB in, there is a dust cover marked 'OUT' that features a standard USB port so that the lantern can be used as a power bank to charge external devices.

    The base of the lantern has a strong magnet to attached to metal surfaces and it also come with a rubber base to either add extra security when the lantern is free standing or to hang the land from a hook or a pole using the metal hanging hook on the underside of the rubber base.

  • Specifications

    White and red light settings

    Flashing modes to attract attention

    Magnetic base and dettachable hanging hook

    Lockout function to prevent accidental activation

    Powerbank function to charge external devices

    Battery status indicator LED under the switch

    Last used setting is remembered

    Operational Modes (white output)

    Low: 20 lumens; 70 hours run-time

    Power: 550 lumens; 4 hours run-time

    Boost: 750 lumens*

    Please note: *Boost is available in 1 minutes bursts to prevent the LED from overheating.

    Technical Details

    Type: Rechargeable LED lantern

    Operating Modes: Boost / 100-10% white / 100-10% red / white flash settings / red flash settings

    Luminous Flux: Up to 750 lumens

    Batteries Required: 1 x 18650 lithium-ion battery (included)

    Run Time: Up to 70 hours

    Weight: 280 grams

    Switch Type: Push button

    Warranty: 5 years

    Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

    Supplied in retail packaging and includes:

    Ledlenser ML6 lantern x 1

    Micro USB charging cable x 1

    Ledlenser 18650 3200 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery x 1

    Pull string storage pouch x 1

    Quick guide manual x 1

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