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The Muscle Roller Stick is the ideal tool for warming your muscles before and after a workout

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    A MUST-HAVE FOR ALL ATHLETES - The ideal tool for warming your muscles before and after a workout, this Massager should be in the gym bag of every athlete. Restore muscle elasticity after a long training session and actively prevent injury from occurring - the Powerball Massager maintains muscle health to keep you strong, active and pain-free.

    DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - The curved snubbed surface of this Muscle Massager from Powerball works deep into sore or aching muscles to relieve tension and pain - FAST. Break down knots and resolve trigger points: this simple massage tool will provide immediate relief to even the tightest of muscles.

    FASTER INJURY RECOVERY - Use the Powerball Muscle Massager to stimulate circulation and boost blood flow to aching muscles and joints. Soothe pain instantly, repair damaged muscle tissue and experience a faster, more long-term recovery.

    ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - Unwind at home, warm down after training; relieve stiffness after a flight or boost circulation at your desk - the Power Muscle Massager fits compactly into gym kits, suitcases and office drawers for regular massage relief exactly when you need it. Robust and durable, this Massager is water resistant for years of reliable use.

    HIGH QUALITY - Made from premium-grade thermoplastic, the Muscle Massager is yet another high-quality product from Powerball: Glides effortlessly over both skin and clothing and fitted with ergonomic handles to allow you apply just the right pressure in any direction - the Massager closely simulates the type of relief you will experience from a massage therapist's elbow or palm.

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