The Impact is our premium shockcord deck for whitewater paddling. Burly 9.5 mm shockcord holds it in place‚ and the seamless O-ring seal keeps the waist tube where you want it. The Nytex reinforced rim shrugs off wear and tear‚ and a three-quarter dry lip seals water out. If you are Looking for a Deck that is Bombproof, then look no further. Great for those Big days on Rivers like the Upper Liffey,. Glens, Dargle, Flesk......... + Read more - Compress
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  • Description

    The Impact is equipped with ArmorTex neoprene, heavy duty shockcord and reinforced tape to protect the seams. This is an Animal of a deck and Built to stay on even in the Harshest of Conditions......Heading over Ennistymon? You know when you hit the bottom, this is the deck that wont implode or come off the cockpit lip.



    • 9.5 mm elastic shockcord • 3 dimensional deck shape • 4 mm ArmorTex reinforcement • Sticky Tatex ink on cockpit lining • 4 mm neoprene tunnel with O-Ring Seal • Glued, blind stitched and taped seams • PU printed wear section at rear • 38 mm webbing release loop with attachment clip



  • Specifications

    Material: 4 mm Small Diamond neoprene deck and waist, ArmorTex reinforcement

    Colours: Black

    Code: SD894/SD895

    Size options: Sizes 4 & 5, Waist sizes XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL -

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  • Expert Advice
    My Boat leaks, must be the spraydeck!?.....the amount of times that we have heard that..... A few simple questions to ask yourself, you may be able to answer this issue yourself. Is the deck the right size for the Cockpit?, Have you been using the deck on a different Boat?, Did a fellow paddler borrow it and use it on a different shaped cockpit?...Neoprene has a memory and decks, shape themselves to the shape of the cockpit. If the Deck has been used on a few different Cockpit lips, the memory may be zapped or stretched! sometimes this can result in the deck slipping as you paddle, in some cases the deck can 'Pop' when you go over a drop or are playing in a stopper. another thing that can cause 'slippage' is the amount of natural greases that have accumulated under the Cockpit Lip, sometimes this can cause the deck to move as well, simple solution, Rub the underside of the lip with a degreaser... Also be aware of the shape of the Cockpit, check the Cockpit Rake, check where the tube of the deck is in place when it is on the boat....all of this can cause the deck to be pulled and slip...the end result is a leak.
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