Tweaked and improved, the all new Palm Equipment Surge Jacket is a fantastic cag for both whitewater paddlers and those who prefer a leisurely touring trip.  

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  • Description

    A do-it-all whitewater jacket with superior features‚ suitable for a variety of paddlers and conditions. Made from midweight XP 2.5-layer material with natural latex gaskets.

    •Materials - XP 2.5-layer fabric
    •Pockets - YKK AquaGuard zipped chest pocket
    •Weight - 689 g (L)
    •Neck Seal - Latex gasket with velcro adjustable outer collar
    •Wrist Seal - Latex gaskets with velcro adjustable cuffs
    •Waist - Velcro adjustable neoprene waistband, Twin waist
    •Other Features - Reflective details

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  • Expert Advice

    Caring for your latex seals

    If you want to keep the water on the outside, look after your neck, wrist and ankle seals. Latex seals are not 100% watertight. Movement will always cause a minor amount of seepage, but this is usually insignificant and should not affect your comfort.

    Every time you use your jacket, pants or drysuit:

        Remove all watches, rings and jewellery, gently place your hand and wrist inside the seal. With your other hand, ease each seal on one at a time.
        Use both hands for the neck seal, gently stretch the aperture to allow the seal to pass over your head.
        Remove any excess air from the paddle top by venting the neck with two fingers.
        If there are neck or cuff protectors on your jacket, check that the velcro is not firmly closed when you try to put it on.
        Once the latex seals fit snugly in place, ensure that the velcro tabs are properly adjusted and secured.
        Take just as much care when removing your paddle jacket, follow the reverse steps when undressing.
        For pants with latex ankle seals, it’s best to wear a sock, easing the seal on and then removing the sock.
        We recommend using a silicone protectant, e.g. McNett Seal Saver to extend the life of your seals.
        Natural latex seals are very sensitive to sunlight and also vulnerable to damage from – oil-based products, including sunscreen and insect repellent.
        The size of the latex seals are related to the size of the garment, should a seal feel excessively tight it is possible to achieve a custom fit by carefully trimming the seal with sharp scissors – neck seals have concentric rings as a guide, take extreme caution, ideally, you should wear the garment outdoors in cold weather to assess the size required before deciding whether to trim your seals.
        Remove all jewellery before putting on apparel.
        Use other hand to ease seal over hand.
        Use both hands to open neck seal.
        Wear a pair of socks while putting on ankle seals.
        Neck seals can be trimmed to size with a pair of scissors.

    Due to their vulnerability, no guarantee can be given on latex seals once the garment has been worn.

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