The Salomon Men's X PRO 100 ski boot is one of the most popular all-mountain boots anywhere, with Twinframe 2 shell design for power and Custom Shell technology, it offers boosted performance and personalized fit.

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  • Description

    Twinframe2 - Boosted Chassis for more performance. PU in the upper part of the shell for better wrapping. PA injected in the chassis, the key zone for steering and performance.

    360° Custom Shell - Inspired by the racing, custom shell is about performance. Racers today needs to drive precisely their 2 skis, they need to feel the terrain to be precise on the ski : Precision is as important than power. Metas are key for Precision, if the shell is too wide you lost precision, if the shell is too narrow, it is painfull so you can't feel the terrain. You need to have the shell at your exact foot shape : you need to have the boot molded to your foot shape. This is exactly what our race technicians do for our racers ; this is exactly what Custom Shell will do to your boot. We develop a specific plastic material Kaprolene that allow us to mold the boot around the foot. This is patented by Salomon. For the Consumer this means he can now pretend to have the top performance boot without foot pains : we're adding comfort to performance.

    Custom Shell on cuff - High temperature deformable cuff

    Thermosoft footprint - Preshaped insole with soft materials for more comfort
    My CustomFit 3D Race liner - 80% heat moldable liner. 3D is a pre shaped ankle zone for a better fit and support

    PU cuff
    PU/PA shell - Provides performance and rebound for a more dynamic boot
    Articulated overlap - Articulated shell piece allowing a better instep to the boot

  • Specifications

    Width - Medium
    Custom Shell technology - Yes
    Low Tech inserts - No
    Properties - Excellent Customizable fit & Above average stiffness

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