For skiers wanting a warm boot perfectly tailored to their feet. The Salomon S/PRO 120 CHC combines adjustable warmth capabilities and full customization possibilities for top-notch performance and optimized warmth and comfort.

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  • Description

    Adjustable warmth
    The new Custom Heat Connect system is an integrated heat system built into the liner. It connects to an app on your mobile device so you can easily adjust warmth on the fly.

    Instant Fit
    Redesigned step-in construction teams up with our exclusive seamless liner to make the S/PRO the most comfortable boot Salomon has ever made.

    A combination of Salomon's high-performance Coreframe, Sense Amplifier and Sense Strap technologies guarantee progressivity and rebound through the turns.


    Need-to-know information

    Ref: L408731

    •Width - Medium
    •Norm - Alpine
    •Practice - Piste
    •Weight (g) - 1850
    •Alpine Boot last - 100/106
    •Flex - 120
    •Strap - SENSE 45MM

  • Specifications


    •Coreframe 360°
    The Coreframe 360 brings lightness, enhances sensations and allows full customization possibilities. It is an insert that guarantees the boot keeps its geometry and stiffness after the Custom Shell HD process.

    •Custom shell HD shell & cuff
    The Custom Shell HD process on the shell and cuff aims to bring fast and complete personalization to your boots in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and provide enhanced sensations, more power and direct transmission.

    •Custom heat connect
    The Custom Heat Connect process is a comfort game-changer whatever the conditions. Connect to a mobile app so you can program and precisely adjust your ideal liner temperature for all-day comfort.

    •Polyurethane + fiberglass coreframe + Custom Shell HD
    A material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity and good power transmission.

    •Sense amplifier
    The Sense Amplifier makes you feel progressivity and precision at the beginning of every turn while providing unmatched rebound effect, quicker edge to edge transfer and acceleration at the end of the turn.

    •Seamless liner
    A new, anatomically designed pre-shaped liner without internal or external stiches. It improves comfort, precision and ensures a warmer fit.

    •Polyurethane + Custom Shell HD
    Material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity & good power transmission.

    •My Custom heat 3D seamless pro
    My Custom Heat 3D Seamless liner has an integrated heating technology guaranteeing warmth for up to 18 hours.

    •Sense 45mm
    Two positions for adapted fit and sensations options. The unhooked position allows you to reach the right level of progressiveness and rebound while, the hooked position ensures maximum stiffness and performance.

    •Alpine premounted ISO 5355
    Alpine pads are premounted and inter-compatible with alpine bindings ISO 9462.

    •Flex adjuster
    The Flex Adjuster allows you to boost or smooth your flex.

    •Riveted oversized pivot
    The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.

    •4 riveted aluminium 3D
    Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckle for optimum in-step comfort, full customization and personalized foot hold.

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