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Our Staff and Their Favourite Summer Sale Items

Our staff love the outdoors as much as you do, so we can’t help but get a bit excited about the bargains on the shop floor at sale time. While we were setting things up for our Summer Sale this year we asked the staff to weigh in with their favourite bargains.

Mikey: Watersports Expert- “For people getting started surfing and looking for a bargain we have a load of foamies (foam topped surf boards) with a good few quid knocked off. Great way to get into the sport with a small investment.”

Ian: Equipment Expert- “The Hubba Hubba is an all-round fantastic tent. It’s light, packable, durable, and still liveable. It’s one of our best sellers and I don’t think you’ll ever see a price that low on it.”

Anna: Watersports Expert- “I saw some of the kids wetsuits went down well. The Billabong Absolute 5:4 went on sale for a good price. I’d always get a kid into a warmer suit in Ireland, just because the water can be so cold. Plus if kids are keeping up sailing courses into the winter they’d definitely do well with one of these.”

Joanna: Clothing Expert- “I like the Integrity ¼ Zip Fleece. It is superlight, stretchy, and it looks smart. It doesn’t look like it’s a fleece.”

Stephen: Climbing Expert- “The Instinct VSR Is a really good quality shoe at a really nice price too. Good sticky rubber, single strap over the top, a big toe box for hooking, an aggressive downturn, a comfy liner… I could go on forever about them.”

Aaron: Footwear Expert- “The Minnesota Pro is a savage boot. It hits that sweet spot between being an aggressive boot but staying soft and easy on the feet. It’s rugged and versatile.”

Andre: Climbing Expert- “The Instinct SR (not to be confused with Stephen’s VSR) is one of my favourite climbing shoes. It fits like snug like a glove but doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It has a quality sole and is constructed for people who are starting to pull with their feet, not just push.”

Conrad- Equipment Expert: “My sale pick? I like the Lowe Alpine Eclipse. We’ve got it in both the 25L and 35L. I don’t know where to start talking about this bag. It’s super lightweight, the red colour is going to make you hike faster too, it’s loaded with pockets, raincover, adjustable back… What a bargain price for it too.”

Eanna: Watersports expert- “We have some great deals on sport watches if you’ve ever wanted to pick one up. The Vivosmart is probably the best of Garmin’s entry level watches and its even better value with the sale.”

Meg: Clothing Expert- “I think I’d have to go with the Pouring Adventure Jacket. It’s a great value for people starting out who still need a very waterproof jacket.”

Carol: Clothing Expert- “To add to what Meg was saying, if you’re starting out the Fast Trek Fleece Jacket is on for €25! That’s half off! It’s great for people who are starting out or just need a warm fleece for the winter.”

John: Footwear Expert- “The Salewa Rapace is on for a really good price and is a great ‘any Irish mountain’ boot. Its got an aggressive outsole, is built with a stiff rubber, and has an amazing fit in the heel.”

Senan: Footwear Expert- “Those Columbia Redmond Leathers are a steal. They look really nice and are priced super cheap. But I saw some Salewa on sale too… Do I have to pick one thing?”

John: Clothing Expert-Columbia’s Alpine Traverse Jacket. I can’t believe how light it is. It’s a polar tech featherlight layering piece. Instant warmth for minimal weight. I don’t want to talk about weight too much, but the hanger must weigh more than it!”

Gráinne: Footwear Expert- “The Meindl Vakuum. Only the ladies’s version is reduced and it is an outrageous reduction. They are unbelievably supportive; the memory foam makes it super comfortable still too. This boot is the Mournes, period.”

Aoife: Equipment Expert-The North Face Lynx Sleeping Bag. It’s a great Autumn bag if your preparing to do some camping as the days cool off a bit. It’s a synthetic bag but it’s still ultralight.” (We checked, its only 850g!)

We have select items in our shop discounted up to 70% and for the whole duration of the sale we’ll take 10% off anything in your cart that’s not already discounted. Get in or shop online while the stock lasts!


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