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Sun Protection Clothing

Sunrise On A Mountain

We are more conscious of the sun in summer and most of us are good at slathering on the sun cream. When we are in the snow, around water and higher up we are more exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. A lot of us forget that we can get sun protection from our clothes. Incorporating clothing with SPF means you are less likely to be caught out. This means that we don’t have to rely on topping up or cream being rubbed off or washed off in the sea.

Tilly hats block 98% percent of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and have a UPF rating of 50+ and White Rock hats have 30+SPF and 50+UPF. Look for hats with wide brims or baseball caps that have roll down neck protector.

In terms of sunglasses, the Oakly Holbrook  and Cohort  have UVA, UVB and UVC protection, Bloc, Bolle, Uvex and Manbi have high protection.

Buffs are great for protecting the neck and face. Or use it as an emergency hat. Most come with UV Protection but in particular the likes of the Edmund High UV and the Flowering Multi High UV will give you that bit extra.

Many trekking trousers and shorts have UV protection including The North Face Womens Exploration Pant, The North Face Womens Horizon Sunnyside Shorts, Columbia Mens Silver Ridge Convertible Pant and the Craghoppers Mens Nosilife Cargo Trousers even have insect repellent!

The same goes for shirts, Columbia Womens Silver Ridge Multi Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt Columbia Mens Pilsner Long Sleeve Shirt.

If you’ll be doing watersports, you are more exposed to the sun as it reflects off the water. A rash guard will protect your skin and means you don’t have to get someone to put cream on your back.

And of course, sun cream. Look for one that is sweat resistant and water proof. Don’t forget to get your nose and ears and remember the sun’s rays can penetrate through cloud.

Children have thinner skin and are more sensitive to the sun. They can be hard to catch when it comes to topping up the sun cream. Hats, and clothing with SPF can make all the difference.

So don’t forget that you have to look after your skin whether you’re sunning yourself on the beach, hiking the hills, skiing, or surfing. The clothing you choose can protect you and shield you from damaging rays. If you want more advice, visit our Chatham Street shop where our clothing experts will talk you through sun protection clothing.



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