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Surfing in Ireland

Surfing first really caught on Ireland in the 1960’s.

The only thing that was holding it back was the cold. Since then, it hasn’t gotten any warmer so you need some good gear to protect you from the cold water and the elements.


Usually the water temperature ranges in and around 9°C in winter and 17°C in summer, this means that you basically need a full steamer in the winter and the summer although the summer one can be a little thinner.

  • Winter Steamer: 5mm body thickness and 3mm arms.
  • Summer Steamer: 3mm body thickness and 2mm arms.

Mostly though, the winter 5:3 can be used all year round.

On your feet, you need booties, generally 5mm for winter, these can be used all year if you want.

3mm gloves are a necessity so you can hold onto the board.

To avoid “ice cream head”, buying and using a 3mm surf hood is a major plus especially when duck diving.

In summer, you shouldn’t need the gloves, booties or hoods but this is Ireland, so you never can tell.


When you are a beginner, longer boards are best to give you more stability and make paddling easier. This means you can catch some waves with less effort. An 8 foot board or even a 9 foot longboard would be a good option.

With some practice, you can go for a smaller board (minimal) to catch waves that are a little bit bigger. Minimals are usually between 7 and 8 foot long. At this stage, you can start to take proper waves and turn on waves that are between 2 and 3 feet tall.

Eventually, with more practice, when you are becoming almost a pro, you can use smaller sized boards. These are between 5’8” ansd 6’6”. These are more aggressive boards with faster, tighter turns for catching those bigger waves, the ones that are taller than you. With these boards on these waves you can do carving turns, catch tubes and do aerials, all very exciting stuff.

Board Construction

For beginners, super tough and nearly unbreakable.

Lots of forgiveness, cheap and easy to ride.

Example:Bic 7’9” Natural Surf.


The most popular boards at the moment.


Epoxy construction is light, durable and not too expensive. Beginners can use them but a more experienced surfer would get the most out of them.

Example:Take Off 7’4” minimal.


For the more advanced surfer who wants a more responsive, aggressive board.

They are more fragile and more expensive but much better for those who prefer custom, hand shaped boards.

Example:Al Merrick 6’2” Proton.

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