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The Ice Project

Mike O’Shea & Clare O’Leary set off for the North Pole. Buy some tickets and come along on February 13th to hear their story.

Come hear Mike and Clare talk about their past expeditions to Lake Baikal and the North Patagonian Icecap. Get the chance to ask them some questions about their upcoming North Pole 2014 expedition, which they will be leaving for the very next day. Hear what drives them, the challenges they face and what training is involved to take on a historic voyage like this. Places for this once off talk are limited with some special prizes available on the night.

Objective: To use adventure to Inspire, educate and encourage other’s to both participate and educate themselves about the opportunities that are there for all. To help with some of the issues we are all creating in the world, both environmentally and  socially, with particular focus on the youth of today .
  • to cross as many of the worlds icecaps as is possibleIce-Project
  • to create first hand accounts about the effects of Global Warming
  • To encourage others to participate
  • To educate children about the World, Climate Change and Activity
Expeditions : 
1)  North Patagonian Icecap  – Completed 5th over crossing Autumn 2012
2)  Lake Baikal – 640 km, 20% of Worlds freshwater supply – Completed 5th ever full length crossing March 2013
3)  Southern Icecap : Kilimanjaro – Completed August 2013
4)  2014 North Pole on Foot – Only ever completed by 132 people (778km, -55c, 50/60 Days)
5)  Iceland Ice Cap (Europe’s largest Icecap)
6)  South Patagonian Ice Cap (only completed a handful of times)
7)  2015 Full traverse of Antarctica on foot (only completed by 3 persons)
8)  Greenland Crossing (biggest melt in 2012 with 97% of surface covered with meltwater)
9)  2016 Crossing of South Georgia on the Centenary year accompanied by family members of the original men who did the crossing, 3 of them were Irish, Ernest Shackleton, Tom Crean, Tim McCarthy
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