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Choosing the Right Knife

Opinel Knife

You might look at knives and wonder why one costs €15 and the other costs €50.

It is mostly down to materials. For example, a 420HC (high carbon) blade from the likes of Leatherman and Buck might be more expensive but it is extremely high-quality and retains its sharpness for longer. You might pay more initially but it will last longer. That doesn’t mean that a stainless-steel blade is no good- you won’t have to worry about it rusting.

If you want your knife to be multifunctional and work in the home as out on the field, Leatherman might be worth considering. You can find a file, rule, letter opener, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, serrated blade but the common element about most Leatherman multitools is the pliers. Leatherman multitools all come with a 25-year warranty – that means they will repair or replace it, no questions asked.

If you want a simple knife for cutting fishing line or tearing into a baguette, check out Opinel. They have been making high quality knives for 120 years. Made in France, their carbon steel comes from Germany and the stainless-steel blades are finished in Sweden by Sandvik. Even though this knife looks simple, it features a VibroLock keeping the blade in place for safety. If you are wondering about the knives’ numbers, they don’t refer to blade length, they are just a style number or naming system.

Once you have chosen your knife, remember that maintaining its condition is key. A blunt blade can be more dangerous than a sharpened one as it requires more force and it might end up slipping and injuring yourself. Check your knife’s sharpness by holding it up to the light- if you can see a silver line along the blade edge, it is blunt. Keep your blade in good condition with the sharpening stone . Remember to wipe off any grease or food after use. When washing your knife, take care not to soak wooden handles wet as they can warp.

Great Outdoors has a large selection of knives and multitools from the Mac Coltellerie 697 Rescue 2 which can cut rope quickly and safely to the Sailor’s Pocket Knife  which has a handy marlin spike for undoing knots.

When you come into Great Outdoors our team will most likely ask you “what do you want the knife for?” and “how often will you be using it?”. That way we can suggest the best one for your needs.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, shop our range here.


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