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Why Socks are Important for Hikers

It’s mid-October! We know! Where did the summer and warm weather go? To help you through the changing of the seasons we are partnering up with Smartwool for the month of October to offer you 3 for 2 on Smartwool Socks. For those of you that are new to the world of outdoor recreation a pair of socks may seem like a very minor bit of kit, however, there are few things as under-rated in the world of outdoor recreation as a good pair of hiking, mountaineering, running or walking socks. In this post we plan to tell you why socks are important for hikers.

Why are socks important for hikers?

Much like a base layer on your upper body, socks are the layer that are in direct contact with your feet. For this reason there are a few tasks that a good pair of hiking socks carries out in order to keep you feet happy on the trail. These are:

Moisture Control. As humans, when we exert ourselves we will perspire in order to cool ourselves down. It is very important that when our feet do sweat the moisture does not hang around, if it did this can cause many issues that we will not go into too much depth on here! A merino wool sock wicks the moisture away from the foot to ensure you do not run into any issues with moisture.

Padding is a vital part of a good pair of socks! If you are out on the trails for a long period of time, having some soft padding against your foot can make all the difference.

Temperature control. A common misconception about wool, especially merino wool is that it is very warm. Of course the thickness of the sock and the ratio of wool to other materials make the sock warmer. We would however recommend merino wool socks for summer hiking, even in warmer climates such as on the Camino De Santiago. If you ever visit our store and ask our staff what socks they are wearing the chances are that they use merino wool socks or similar.

Why Smartwool?

Smartwool is an innovation driven, fun-loving brand with advocacy and inclusivity as their core values. They make a range of high quality wool products and always have. They know what they are doing when it comes to wool!

According to their website they “are a group of insatiable outdoor adventurers who want to share the joy of crisp powder turns, try-hard first ascents, scrambly summit sunrises, pine needle-cushioned hikes, and s’more-filled weekends with everyone.

And we share those things by creating Merino wool clothes designed to help you go far and feel good. We help people experience powerful, beautiful moments in the outdoors by working to remove distraction like clammy base layers and blistered feet, so you can focus on the adventures right in front of you.

We exist to enable your every adventure, whether it’s taking your dog for a walk on a chilly morning or summiting an unclimbed peak in the Himalayas.”

Until the end of the month you can get ⅓ off when you buy 3 pairs of Smartwool socks on our website!

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