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Even little ones like to #GOexplore

Kit them out in great outdoor gear from Great Outdoors

You love the outdoors and we bet you'd love it even more if you could bring along your kids.

Whether you're hiking, skiing or kayaking, we have the best outdoor gear to make sure your outdoors time with the kids is a great outdoors time too.

Want a new boat? Would you like it to be fast?

Then the all new Pyranha 9R is just for you!

Check out the specs on the all new Pyranha 9R.

Blazing fast, precise and forgiving, the 9R sets the standard against which all others will be judged. Narrow entry and asymmetric plan for speed. Edge for precision. High bow, tailored rocker and volume distribution keep you on top of the water in control and in the lead. Setting the pace. R is for Race.

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