On a typical day in the store, our staff has 240 years of experience in doing the activities you like to do.

Founded in 1976, the shop is currently owned and managed by Ken Costigan and Derek Moody. It’s as 100% Irish now as it was guaranteed Irish back then. Since our inception as Great Outdoors Ltd, we have welcomed many adventurers through our doors. People venturing off to the North Pole, Everest and other hard to reach places have all stocked up here before setting off. Others diving in the Red Sea or the Glacial Fjords of Iceland have been equipped through ourselves. Students on J1 visas or Australian work permits have all been looked after before heading off on their travels.

No matter how big your adventure, it’s still your adventure and we have always strived to make that adventure the best possible one. We hope that anyone who enjoys “the Outdoor Life” will find much to interest them both in our shop and on our site. We have built our reputation on our great brand ranges and the experienced and qualified staff that we employ. All of the staff are outdoors’ people and have as much interest in adventure as our customers do.



Great Outdoors Ltd Companies Register: 97614

VAT Number: IE4735928U