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Shop Meindl's crafted range of ultra-durable and comfortable Hiking Boots, Walking Shoes & Footwear Accessories.

Hiking Boots

Discover Meindl's hiking boots, engineered for ultimate trail performance and durability to conquer any terrain with ease. With both lightweight and heavy-duty boots to cover all activities.

Walking Shoes

Experience comfort with every step in Meindl's walking shoes, designed for optimal support and long-lasting wear on any walk. Featuring wide-fit shoes, Gore-Tex & more.


Explore our Meindl's men's range featuring popular models like the Bhutan, Rapide, and Respond to find the right partner for your adventures.


Discover Meindl's ladies' range, including the Activo, Caribe, and Bhutan Lady, designed for superior comfort and stylish durability on any adventure.

— Light Hiking Boots —

Explore the outdoors with Meindl's Lightweight Hiking Boots, designed for lightweight comfort and robust durability on varied terrains. Perfect for adventurers seeking both performance and style on their hikes.


Footwear Care

Maintain the longevity and performance of your footwear with Meindl's Care Range, expertly formulated to protect and enhance your boots and shoes for every adventure.



Where is Meindl Made?

Meindl boots and shoes are primarily crafted in Germany, a country with a rich heritage in footwear manufacturing. Despite the rarity of boot factories in Germany, Meindl stands out with over 200 skilled artisans who meticulously execute up to 200 steps to create each high-quality boot. While many of Meindl's leather boots are produced across Europe, including in Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy, their synthetic footwear is manufactured in Vietnam. Meindl has maintained a strong, collaborative relationship with their Vietnamese factory for 15 years, ensuring every product meets their exacting standards. Annually, Meindl produces over 1 million pairs of boots and shoes, leveraging expertise from multiple global locations.

Can Meindl Boots be resoled?

Yes, Meindl boots, including their hiking, trekking, and mountain ranges, can be resoled, ensuring long-lasting durability. If the overall condition of your boots remains good you can send them to Meindl through a Meindl specialist dealer. In Ireland, customers can use Great Outdoors, the largest Meindl specialist dealer in the country, for this service.

Does Meindl offer a Guarantee/Warranty?

Meindl offers a one-year manufacturing warranty from the original purchase date, covering defects but excluding normal wear and tear, improper use, intentional damage, or modifications. For warranty claims on Meindl boots or shoes purchased from Great Outdoors, please contact us here!

Where can I buy Meindl 

Discover Meindl's exceptional range of hiking boots and walking shoes at Great Outdoors, the largest specialised Meindl dealer in Ireland since 1976. With over 45 years of experience in selling Meindl, Great Outdoors offers expert guidance and a comprehensive selection of Meindl products.

How to clean Meindl Boots & Shoes?

Learn how to clean your Meindl boots and shoes with these simple steps, ensuring they continue to be reliable companions on every adventure. Handcrafted in Germany by the same family for over 300 years, Meindl footwear is built to last and withstand the elements—whether trekking through rugged mountain paths, rivers, or muddy trails.

Caring for Your Meindl Footwear:

  1. Cleaning: After each adventure, wash your boots with warm water. Allow them to air dry naturally, away from direct heat sources.
  2. Drying Insoles: If the insoles are damp from moisture, remove them to dry separately, ensuring complete dryness before reuse.
  3. Conditioning: Use Meindl care products to treat your boots and preserve their quality and comfort.

Meindl’s Commitment to Sustainability: Meindl boots and shoes are designed not only for durability but also for easy repair and resoling, significantly extending their lifespan. This practical approach conserves resources and minimizes environmental impact while maintaining the boots' fit and emotional value. Our policy is to repair rather than replace, embodying our dedication to sustainability.

Explore Our Care Products and Accessories:

  • Leather Boots: Use Meindl Sportwax to condition and protect the leather. Apply it evenly without heating, to maintain the leather’s breathability and protect metal hooks from corrosion.
  • Nubuck or Suede Boots: The Meindl Conditioner & Proofer spray keeps nubuck and suede soft and protected, even when applied slightly damp.
  • All Footwear Types: Meindl Wetproof spray enhances water resistance and is ideal for use on leather, suede, and fabric footwear.

For more detailed care instructions and to purchase Meindl care products, visit our online blog.