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The Easy Light tinder rolls are compact, weatherproof and easy to use making them ideal for starting fires in the outdoors.

The Easy Light Tinder Fire rolls offer a compact, weatherproof solution for reliable fire-starting in the outdoors. Ideal for survivalists and campers, these fibrous rolls ignite quickly and provide up to 4 minutes of burn time each, ensuring your campfire starts effortlessly. Packaged in a set of 10, they're a must-have for any outdoor adventure.


  • 10 Tinder Rolls: Ample supply to start multiple fires.
  • Up to 4 Minutes Burn Time per Roll: Ensures prolonged flame for easier fire building.
  • Quick to Ignite: Fibrous material catches fire rapidly, reducing the time and effort needed to start a fire.
  • Weatherproof: Designed to work in any weather conditions, making it a reliable component of your survival camping equipment.
  • Compact and Portable: Easily fits in pockets or backpacks, making it an essential part of your survival kit.
  • Versatile Use: Works seamlessly with Ferrocerium Rods or Dual Action fire starters for an efficient fire starting experience.
Quantity10 rolls
Dimensions10 x 50 x 60mm
Burn TimeUp to 4 minutes (per roll)
How to Care for Your Easy Light Tinder Fire

Storage: Keep the tinder rolls in a cool, dry place to preserve their igniting capabilities.

Keep Dry: While they are weatherproof, storing them in a damp place can affect their performance.

Avoid Crushing: Store in an area where they won't be crushed or damaged to ensure they maintain their shape and effectiveness.

Follow these simple care instructions to ensure your Easy Light Tinder Fire rolls are ready when you need them most.

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