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Experience unparalleled sleeping comfort with Lifeventure's Silk Sleeping Bag Liner, offering both warmth and breathability for any travel environment.

Step into a world of unmatched sleeping comfort with the Silk Sleeping Bag Liner from Lifeventure, your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures or travel. This 100% silk liner is exquisitely lightweight and breathable, designed to be used on its own or within a sleeping bag for extra warmth. Its natural silk fibers are adept at regulating body temperature and wicking away moisture, ensuring you stay comfortable in both cooler and warmer conditions. The liner is presented in a robust ripstop carry case and is available in two designs: Mummy and Rectangular.


  • Crafted from 100% silk, offering a breathable and ultra-lightweight sleeping environment.
  • Can be used independently or as an additional layer within a sleeping bag, suitable for all climates.
  • Natural silk fibers regulate body temperature and efficiently wick moisture, enhancing sleep quality.
  • Quick-drying feature ensures the liner remains comfortable throughout the night.
  • Two shapes available, Mummy and Rectangular, to cater to personal comfort and sleeping bag compatibility.
  • Supplied with a durable ripstop carry case for easy transportation and storage.
Packed Dimensions130 x 85 x 50mm140 x 90 x 50mm
Unpacked Dimensions185 x 85-56cm185 x 85cm
Maintenance & Care
Gently hand wash in cool water with a soft detergent.
Do not apply bleach; instead, rinse well to preserve fabric quality.
Lay flat to air dry, avoiding direct sunlight to maintain the silk's natural properties.
Refrain from twisting or squeezing to prevent shape distortion.
Keep the liner in its ripstop case when not in use to shield it from wear and environmental elements.
Adhering to these care instructions will ensure your Silk Sleeping Bag Liner remains a lasting travel essential.

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