How To Keep Waterproof Gear Waterproof

A useful job to get done from time to time is to care for your kit.
Showing your equipment a little bit of TLC will help it work better and last longer. One of the most common queries we see here at Great Outdoors is customers showing a dissatisfaction with how their rainwear is performing.
Customers often point out their waterproof kit used to work when they bought it first but the performance has deteriorated since.
This deterioration has resulted in the customers’ rainwear ‘wetting out’ and not ‘breathing properly’. ‘Wetting out’ can also be described as the outer fabric of the rainwear becoming saturated and when water falls on the fabric it no longer ‘beads’. ‘Beading’ is when rain forms droplets of water on the outer fabric and can be flicked off.
Firstly, this is completely normal and will happen to all rainwear irrespective of cost and secondly, by showing it a bit of care you can have it working like new again.
The process is quite a simple one and the benefits are super! There are a number of manufacturers of care products on the market but here in our store we’re big fans of Nikwax and here’s why.

The benefits of the Nikwax WaterBased technology:
Nikwax is easy to use
It’s simple to apply. For instance, for clothing just use in a washing machine on a normal wash cycle. Garments do not have to be tumble-dried to activate water repellency and there is no need to wait for a clean, wet garment to dry before waterproofing with Nikwax.
Nikwax is safe to use
•No propellant gases, non-persistant, environmentally safe.
•Not tested on animals.
•Contains no fluorocarbons.
Nikwax keeps you dry
Nikwax’s water-based products offer higher concentrations of waterproofing agents than aerosol products… up to 5 times more concentrated. Nikwax doesn’t require heat to activate water-repellency, unlike fluorocarbon products, therefore works even on garments that can not be tumble-dried. Prolongs the use of gear and keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather.
Click here to see ur full range of Nikwax clothing care products and take a look at this video on just how easy it is to use Nikwax TX Direct wash in to re-proof your waterproof jacket.

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