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Clothing Care


Whether it is end of a season or you find yourself with a spare moment on your hands, it’s always the perfect time to do some housekeeping on your outdoor clothing and equipment. A little bit of care every so often will prolong the life of your gear.

If you find your jacket wetting out – (getting soaked through) you will need to treat it with a reproofer. Many people panic and think that their waterproofs are faulty but wetting out is simply happens after a certain amount of use. Your waterproofs are treated with durable water-repellent (DWR) finish which over time are worn away through use or it is covered with dirt and oils. What you want to see in your waterproofs is Beading. This is when rain forms droplets on your waterproof that can be flicked off. If you notice your jacket wetting out, it doesn’t mean it is ready for retirement, it just needs to be reproofed – this can be with spray-on, brush on or wash in products.

Water Beading Off A GoreTex Jacket

We subject our boots to a lot of abuse. Make sure to brush off dirt, wash, and allow them to dry out after use. Salts or acid in mud and water can break down the materials in your boots and allow water to soak in. If they get wet, take out the insoles and allow them to air dry. Reproofers can give your boots that extra water protection, just make sure to treat clean boots and leave them 24 hours to dry. Don’t forget, your Leather Boots need conditioning with wax or paste to stop any cracks forming.

The best way to store your  base layers during the warmer months is folded carefully. Before storing it, wash it in a specific Merino Wash which will improve the wool’s wicking properties. The Granger’s Merino Wash has cedar extract which moths hate.

For Down (sleeping bags, jackets etc.), use a specific Down Wash which will remove dirts but will also protect the insulating properties of the down. After washing, use dryer balls in the tumble dryer to loft the feathers and avoid clumping.

Rope Just like with your boots, the life of your climbing rope can be shortened by dirt. Keep it in top condition with rope cleaner and a rope brush and make sure to inspect it after every use.

For wetsuits, neoprene booties and the like; make sure to rinse them off in fresh water and leave them to dry in a well ventilated area. For a deep wash, use something safe such as Rip Curl’s Piss Off. Simple things like drying your wetsuit inside out, using a wide hanger or hanging it from the waist will help prolong its life.

Tents and Gear. Don’t forget to wash away dirt after each use. This means you’re less likely to get wear and tear from pebbles and dried dirt. Treat it with DWR every season.

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