Camino De Santiago

The Camino de Santiago or Way of St. James is the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain. Here, legend has it that the remains of the apostle, Saint James the Great, are buried. It is difficult to define where exactly the Camino starts, as pilgrims used to start their journey from their own homes, and over the years, different Camino ways have emerged, but the most popular is the last 100km of the French Way.

6 things we learned from the Camino

The Camino is an amazing experience that all outdoor enthusiasts should do at some point in their life. Not only does it offer an incredible amount of time for processing and thinking, it is also a splendid and low cost adventure. Many of our staff at Great Outdoors have hiked the Camino, in its entirety or in sections. What follows are some key lessons that they have learned combined into one convenient list!

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Top 10 Items for the Camino (that you may not think of)

When hiking the Camino de Santiago it is very important to get your gear right. Not only if you carry too much will you be weighed down but it will be less efficient when you arrive at your Albergue to find what you are looking for. With that in mind here are our top 10 items you may not have thought of for the Camino.

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