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Shokz embodies the principle of being open in everything you do and everything you are, whether it be your surroundings, change, new ideas, or exciting adventures.

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Inspired by the World We Live In

Shokz engineers were among the first to realize the potential of bone conduction technology for situational awareness, but they also acknowledged the drawbacks of medical bone conduction technology, such as poor sound quality and vibration. To overcome these limitations, the engineers took a novel approach to improving the audio quality of the headphones. By modifying the transducer and adding vibration components, like springs, they created a more immersive and dynamic audio experience.

A Shokz engineer drew his inspiration from a surprising source. He discovered when brushing his teeth with a vibrating electric tooth brush at an inclined angle, the sound was transmitted through teeth and the temporal bone with little vibration. Leveraging this insight, they placed the transducer on the skin at a 30-degree angle. This adjustment increased the contact area and reduced vibration, resulting in the development of Shokz PremiumPitch 2.0+. 

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