Shewee Peebol - Pocket sized toilet - 6 Pack



The Peebol is the pocket sized loo from Shewee which allows men, women, and children to urinate on the go! Keep them in your car for any emergency.

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  • Description

    The Peebol from Shewee is the ultimate solution to needed the loo whilst out and about.

    Easy to use, discreet, non-spill, non-odour, and so small it'll fit in your purse, the Peebol is great for travelling.

    Inside each Peebol are rapid performing granules that change liquid, into a solid gel. 

    The Peebol:

    - Turns liquid into a gel almost instantaneously

    - Is non-Odour

    - Non-Spill

    - Holds up to 1 litre

    - Re-use them until full

    - Fits into your purse or wallet

    - Recyclable

  • Specifications

    Use your Peebol for:

    - Camping - Long car journeys – traffic jams!

    - Travelling  - Festivals

    - Cycling - Climbing

    - Skiing - Dirty toilets

    - Post surgery - Sports injuries

    - Pregnancy - Armed forces

    - Sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing

    - Mobility impaired

    - Policewomen - Contractors

    - As a sick bag

    … the list is endless!

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