The Superfeet Trailblazer is the ultimate comfort insole solution specifically designed for the hiker.

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  • Description

    Deep Heel Cup
    •Features the widest and deepest heel cup that offers maximum support and positions the soft tissue to help with natural shock absorption.
    •Top layer delivers long lasting odor control.

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    Ramblers UK • 27/07/2018
    "Magazine review"

    The Trailblazer Comfort is Superfeet’s dedicated insole for hiking and trekking, with a wide and deep heel cup for maximum support and a gel insert positioned underneath the heel, to aid the natural shock absorption that the heel provides through its own soft tissue. This carbon fibre heel cap extends midway along the insole for extra stability, which helps to reduce foot fatigue over long distances. The top layer of the insole is constructed of memory foam, with a textured upper finish for grip underfoot and an odour-resistant treatment to keep boots smelling fresh. Once we’d got used to the slightly strange sensation of wearing them initially, we were impressed with the overall performance. Be aware that at first, you might find they are firmer than most insoles, with less structure through the arch. Superfeet’s principles are instead to focus on correct heel placement and rearfoot support (specifically in the area at the front of the heel and back of the arch). Similarly, the firmer foam layer is supposed to stabilise and support the foot, rather than employing the soft cushioning that most insoles use – which, according to the brand, soon collapses and causes instability, therefore doing more harm than good. Does the Superfeet system work? Well it did for our testers – after long walks, they found that feet felt noticeably less sore when using the insoles.

    - This is a high volume insole, which takes up more space inside your boots than you might be used to, unless you already wear a specialist insole. You may need to adjust lacing accordingly. With some of its insoles, Superfeet also warns that over time, the rigid heel cap can cause wear through the lining of some boots. This may be an issue if your boots have a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane or similar. However, the design of the Trailblazer insoles is such that they are one of the best options for membrane-lined boots. We haven’t noticed any wear to boots after the one-month testing period, though we cannot vouch for longer term effects.

    VERDICT: For us, these are the best specialist aftermarket insoles we’ve tried for use with hiking boots or trail shoes. However, it’s important to fit them correctly and wear them as advised by the manufacturer, introducing them gradually if necessary, to obtain the maximum benefits. If you suffer from foot fatigue or have been diagnosed with medical issues related to the feet or lower limbs, these might be a good option – but given the range of insoles that Superfeet offer, we’d recommend contacting the brand for dedicated advice on your individual needs and requirements before splashing out.

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