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Come along to our FREE info night with the Altitude Centre on April 9th and hear about how best to cope with AMS.

Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Anconcagua, Everest……….they all have one thing in common…….when we walk or climb at these levels, we work at a height that our body is not normally used to working at.

Our body reacts in various ways, one such, is the onset of Altitude Sickness.

Altitude Sickness can effect even the most seasoned of Walkers and Mountaineers regardless of Age or Experience.

Fitness, Strength, Stamina may not alienate you to the Effects and onset of Acute Mountain Sickness, it can happen to anyone, anytime at any level.

However, you can prepare yourself and Minimize the Effects that altitude can play on your body.

Colin Griffin from The Altitude Centre Ireland will give a presentation on the effects of altitude, the risks and how to minimise the risk of developing Acute Mountain Sickness, as well as general tips on how to make your summit attempt a successful and enjoyable one. The presentation will explain how an AMS Susceptibility test is performed, which determines an individual’s sensitivity to altitude and how they can pre-acclimatize in advance of their trip in order to kick start the acclimatization process. There will be a demo of how an AMS Consultation is performed where an invited member of the audience will act as the subject and avail of a free AMS Consultation!

The Altitude Centre Ireland is an altitude specialist company that provides simulated altitude equipment as well as expert advice in altitude training. The company has close links with leading academic and medical institutions in the UK and Ireland, and its staff are equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and resources in altitude medicine. Some of its staff have successfully summited some of the world highest peaks including Everest, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Anconcagua and have first-hand experience of these climbs as well as the scientific resources.

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