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We are now official stockists of Darn Tough! With a lifetime warranty, and a huge cult following for their hiking socks - you have enough reason to try a pair.

Where is Darn Tough Made?

Darn Tough socks are indeed made in Vermont, USA. The phrase "Still Made in Vermont, USA" reflects a deep commitment by the Cabot family, who have operated the mill for over 40 years. Despite the challenges faced by American manufacturing in the past, the family chose not to relocate production. Starting in 2004, they focused on crafting the most durable socks possible under the Darn Tough Vermont brand—each pair backed by a lifetime guarantee. This dedication continues today, with each sock representing a source of pride for the team.

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For more details on Darn Tough's manufacturing processes, visit their FAQ page.


Which Darn Tough Socks to buy?

Selecting the appropriate Darn Tough socks hinges on your specific activities, such as hiking, running, or mountaineering, as well as the weather conditions you'll face. Here’s how to choose:

  • Sock Height: Start by determining the height of sock you need. Darn Tough offers a variety from no-show, which remain hidden under shoes, to knee-high socks for added warmth and protection. For casual wear or low-impact activities, no-show or ankle socks might be sufficient. For more rigorous activities like hiking or when wearing boots, crew or knee-high socks provide better protection and support.

  • Sock Weight: The weight of the sock is crucial and should be chosen based on both the temperature and the type of footwear you'll be using. Ultra-lightweight socks are perfect for warm conditions and light shoes, offering breathability and minimal bulk. Lightweight socks are versatile, ideal for everyday wear or mild weather. Midweight socks are the go-to for varied conditions, providing a balance of warmth and cushion without being too bulky. For cold environments or rugged terrain, heavyweight socks offer maximum warmth and cushioning.

  • Material and Cushioning: Consider the material and the amount of cushioning. Merino wool, commonly used in Darn Tough socks, is excellent for its moisture-wicking, thermoregulating, and odor-resistant properties. The cushioning level should match the activity’s demand; for instance, thicker cushioning in socks can help absorb impact during high-intensity activities or long treks.

By considering these factors—sock height, weight, and material—you can select the Darn Tough socks that best meet your needs, ensuring comfort and durability in any activity or environment.


How does the Darn Tough warranty work?

The Darn Tough warranty is an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If your socks are not the most durable you've ever worn, you can exchange them for a new pair—no receipt necessary, just the socks in question.

Here's how the warranty process works, broken down into four simple steps:

Step 1: Remove Socks Once you've identified an issue and decided to make a warranty claim, simply take the socks off.

Step 2: Online Form Fill out the Warranty Claims Form online. This form is straightforward and quick to complete.

Step 3: Check Email After submitting your claim, watch for an approval email. Once approved, you'll receive a credit notice for your account.

Step 4: New Socks Use your credit to order a new pair from Darn Tough. Your new socks come with the same lifetime guarantee and will be shipped to you for free.


Why are Darn Tough socks expensive?

Darn Tough socks are considered expensive - we would say the price is due to their exceptionally high-quality manufacturing and lifetime product guarantee. Crafted in Northfield, Vermont, these socks benefit from decades of knitting expertise and a very strict quality control, as they are all made within a single mill. This focus on craftsmanship ensures each pair meets a very high set of standards.

Additionally, Darn Tough offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee, promising durability and satisfaction for each pair. If the socks fail to meet expectations, they can be exchanged without a receipt. The socks also feature superior comfort, reinforced areas for durability, and are made under fair working conditions in the USA. We feel that benefits like the sectioned cushioning, lifetime guarantee & high-quality, traceable manufacturing more than make up for the higher price.

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Learn more about the Darn Tough guarantee on their warranty page.