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We’ve all tried and tested the gear we sell. Between us all, there’s a wealth of information to be had. We have compiled a list of our recommendations for things to bring along with you to keep you covered in your time away and help you get the most out of your adventure.


1 x sun hat (with good neck protection)
2 x buff we recommend 1 lightweight for dust and basic face covering, and one mid to heavyweight option for warmth. 
2 x fleece beanie


1 x Sunglasses (category 3)
1 x Suncream (factor 30+) and lipbalm


1 x lightweight liner gloves
1 x warm mitt/glove (recommended with removable fleece/Primaloft liner)
1 x ski gloves (as backup)


1 x liner socks (for summit night)
3 x mid-weight hiking socks
1 x Mid-weight waterproof hiking boots
1 x heavy-weight socks (for summit night)
1 x Trekking sandals (recommended as a means of relief from wearing your primary footwear when you are around camp)
1 x Gaiters (optional)
Compeed (Foot Care)
example of good footwear: Salewa Alp Trainer


2 x long sleeve baselayer tops
2 x short sleeve-wicking tech tees or shirts
1 x mid-weight fleece or light-insulated jacket
1 x waterproof jacket
1 x down jacket


2 x wool / silk boxers / briefs
1 x thermal baselayer tights
1 x trekking pants (convertibles recommended)
Waterproof trousers (ensure zips are at least to the knee)


Large rucksack or sturdy duffel bag
Dry Bags (Various Sizes)
Backpack (For Men) Option 1 Stratos 36 or Option 2 Air Zone Trek 35:45L
Backpack (For Women) Option 1 Hikelite 32 or Option 2 Air Zone ND 33:40


sleeping bag (-15c comfort rating)
Sleeping bag liner
Ear plugs


Osprey hydraulics bladder (2 litre) and Nalgene water bottles
Water purification


High energy snacks


4 x dry bags
Insect Repellant
Power bank


Hand sanitizer / Cleaning Products
first aid kit
Route guide book
Trekking poles (pair)


It's important to note that the gear you bring should be appropriate for the season and route you plan to take. Make sure to check with your tour operator or guide for any specific gear recommendations or requirements.

Good luck with your Kilimanjaro climb!

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